Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green blasts Warriors broadcaster’s comment about Andre Iguodala

The entire NBA knows that Warriors forward Draymond Green likes to speak his mind. But so does Golden State’s longtime play-by-play TV broadcaster, Bob Fitzgerald.

Let’s get back to Green, though. He reacted quite strongly to a comment from “Fitz,” as he’s known in Dub Nation. While on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco, Fitzgerald mentioned that he’d like to see former Warriors standout Andre Iguodala back with Golden State for the veterans’ minimum salary. Green took offense and responded to an Instagram post that highlighted Fitzgerald’s comment.

“The nerve of people thinking they have the right to discuss another persons pockets is insane to me! Where I was raised that’s the first thing you’re taught. You don’t count someone else’s pockets,” Green typed in response, among other things.

Check out this screen shot from Twitter user KlayForTrey, and take a look at the actual Instagram post here.

Green is conveniently forgetting that the Warriors salary cap is sky-high and general manager Bob Myers will look for any bargain he can find, especially when it comes to veteran players, which Green and superstar Stephen Curry both highlighted as a need after their just completed season.

Though Green never holds back his opinion, I’m surprised he went the personal route with this. Fitzgerald was talking business — he covers the Warriors, and the salary cap and player salaries are part of that coverage. He talks about other people’s pockets, in part, for a living. Green’s likely emotional because Iguodala won three NBA titles by Green’s side, as he notes in his response.

Fitz and Green will sort it out on a personal level at some point, or at least will have the opportunity. In normal times, without Covid-19 health restrictions, the TV crew regularly fraternizes with the Warriors’ players, even flying on the team plane. This will blow over in any event — the entire organization is a bit grumpy, having missed the playoffs.

We’ll see what magic Myers can pull off this offseason, as far as adding quality players for a low salary — and I hope Green doesn’t attack me for saying that (actually that would be hilarious, however unlikely).

(Photo credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports)

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