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Report: Las Vegas officials have ‘no desire’ to offer ‘much, if any’ public funding for new A’s ballpark

Las Vegas is suddenly used to welcoming pro franchises to town. First it was the NHL’s Golden Knights, then the NFL’s Raiders moved into a $2 billion stadium in 2020.

So it’s no surprise that Mick Akers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal had a juicy report, albeit single sourced, about the Oakland Athletics’ meetings with Clark County officials regarding a the A’s possible relocation to Las Vegas, which would include a new ballpark.

Akers said his source indicated the Athletics, led by team owner John Fisher and team president Dave Kaval, are interested in public funds from Clark County to assist in the construction of the A’s new home. The Raiders received $750 million from the county for Allegiant Stadium, sourced from hotel-tax revenue.

But also according to Akers’ source, Clark County officials aren’t interested in a similar arrangement with the Athletics.

The source indicated the sense was there was no desire from the county to offer much, if any public funding to build a possible MLB stadium in Las Vegas.

Mick Akers/Las Vegas Review-Journal

This isn’t a huge surprise. The Raiders — who moved to Las Vegas from Oakland — are a member of the powerful NFL. Major League Baseball simply doesn’t have the same clout as pro football, especially in an exciting city such as Vegas.

Will the A’s go hat in hand to another city, looking for public money, as they currently are in Oakland and now perhaps in Las Vegas? I’d say that whether this report is true or not, the answer is yes.

Photo courtesy Wikipedia commons/LasVegasGuy)

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