Oakland Athletics

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson part of group looking to lure Oakland A’s to Portland

This Oakland Athletics stadium situation is spiraling in all kinds of intriguing directions, including into the realm of superstar NFL quarterback Russell Wilson and his celebrity wife, Ciara.

The Seahawks’ QB is part of a group looking to bring a Major League Baseball team to Portland. The firm, called the Portland Diamond Group, also includes Nike executive Craig Cheek, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Whoa, how did Vegas get mixed up in this? I think most of the BASH’s readers know why, but first, check out this tweet from Wilson from Monday.

Wilson is clearly excited, but also per the LVRJ, Athletics president Dave Kaval said recently that reports of a future meeting between the A’s and the Portland Diamond Group are “completely inaccurate.”

No truth to that report, Dave? The A’s, who are looking to relocate, aren’t planning to visit Portland, which has a group dedicated to bringing a baseball team to the city? I have to give Kaval the benefit of the doubt. It’s possible, however, that he didn’t want to spread the franchise too thin.

The A’s are also exploring stadium options in Las Vegas and had actual meetings with local officials this week. Kaval even tweeted from the home of the NHL’s Las Vegas Golden Knights just a day after Wilson’s tweet.

So it’s anyone’s guess what’s really going on with Portland. But Wilson sure seems to think there will be a meeting. Meanwhile, the City of Oakland will vote on the A’s $12 billion stadium and mixed use project on July 20. The way this situation is progressing thus far, the A’s might have a stadium deal outside the Bay Area before then.

(Photo courtesy Flickr/Jonathan Satriale)

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