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Warriors’ Bob Myers says there’s a limit to Golden State’s lavish salary-cap spending

Golden State Warriors team owner Joe Lacob contends that his franchise is “light years” ahead of the rest of the NBA, but his team still has to play by the same salary-cap rules as everyone else.

The Warriors’ are paying an enormous amount in salaries and NBA luxury tax, so much so that the team would pay roughly $400 million in salary and taxes just by retaining its current roster, according to Forbes’ Patrick Murray.

During general manager Bob Myers’ postseason media availability, Murray asked Myers if that staggering amount could mark a limit to Golden State’s deep pockets.

Here’s part of what Myers said, plus video of his comment and additional salary cap information below from Warriors Reddit.

“There’s a limit. That would be exceeding the limit, I think, $400 million.

“There’s a limit in any business,” Myers continued. “We have to figure out what that limit is. Clearly, we’ve exceeded many limits. But we’ll look at [potential roster moves] … when the dust settles, we’ll meet with Joe [Lacob]. The good news he wants to win more than he wants to make money.

“Short answer: there’s a limit. What’s that limit? More than most teams would pay, I’d say.”

Warriors GM Bob Myers

Lacob’s philosophy has paid off thus far, as he’s witnessed three NBA titles for Golden State as team owner. He planned to pay departed NBA Finals MVP for the Warriors, Kevin Durant, but Lacob is still holding firm to his belief in spending as much as needed to compete for a title.

Here’s that extra info I talked about from Warriors Reddit. The account details how much the Warriors are spending and where.

That luxury tax is no joke. And looking at those numbers, it’s hard to expect free agent guard Kelly Oubre Jr. to return, though he could be part of a sign-and-trade deal.

But overall, the Warriors have to start winning if Lacob is to keep spending, one would think. As I mentioned, his initial plan to overspend included Durant. But it appears next season’s high salaries are definitely a “go,” including superstar guard Stephen Curry, who is due for a gigantic contract extension soon.

(Photo courtey Wikipedia commons/nikk_la)

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