Golden State Warriors

Warriors’ Steph Curry at home for playoffs but letting opinion fly via social media

Warriors guard Stephen Curry is known to express himself freely on the basketball court, often with unforeseen brilliance.

That’s too bad, because Golden State failed to make the playoffs, losing in the Play-In Tournament to the Lakers and Grizzlies. But Curry has been active on social media during his time away from the game, hitting on a couple of major national sports stories over the Memorial Day weekend.

Within 10 minutes, in fact, Curry chimed in on American tennis star Naomi Osaka’s exit at the French Open and a controversial comment from former Warrior and current Nets forward Kevin Durant.

First, Osaka. She told tournament officials before the French Open began that she wouldn’t talk to reporters due to her mental health, social anxiety specifically. The French tournament, which is stoked in tradition, predictably lost its mind a bit. Osaka decided to withdraw rather than become a distraction. Curry thought that was an admirable move.

Next, Curry weighed in on drama in the NBA. The Boston Celtics vs. Brooklyn Nets series has the temperature turned up already, since Nets guard Kyrie Irving is a former Celtic. After a Celtics fan threw a bottle of water at Irving during a game over the weekend, Durant gave a lengthy, provocative quote about the situation.

One media outlet posted a short, perhaps poorly edited version of Durant’s quote that made the comment appear extra nasty. One journalist came to Durant’s defense and posted the entire quote, and Curry amplified the message and mentioned Durant in his tweet.

So enjoy going down each of those wormholes. Curry certainly did, to an extent. I like his efficiency here, however. He fired off these tweets at just six minutes apart. Then, he presumably enjoyed the rest of his weekend. Turns out, he can be efficient off the court as well as on, as he impacted the sports world in no time at all.

(Photo credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports)

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