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Warriors’ Klay Thompson refutes Draymond Green’s story about him running into a wall, injuring eye

Once upon a time, Warriors guard Klay Thompson ran into a wall and hurt his eye, and then he lied about it to teammates: it made headlines across the nation just this week, so it must be true, right? I mean, that’s sooo Klay.

Well, according to Thompson, the account isn’t true at all. His longtime teammate Draymond Green spread the story via an interactive interview with Bleacher Report. Here’s exactly what Green said:

“In a hotel in Miami, he ran into a wall and busted his eye open with stitches. He tried to lie to us and get his friend to lie and say he got into a fight at the club. When you’re leaving the club in Miami, you’re not always sober and he tried to tell us he got into a fight.” –Draymond Green on teammate Klay Thompson

Bleacher Report

In reading the original B/R article, this story didn’t make sense to me at all. Stitches? Offseason, regular season or playoffs, that information would likely surface for public consumption at some point well before Green’s tale.

Thompson went to Instagram to refute the story. Here’s a screenshot of his statement courtesy of The Warriors Talk Twitter account, and you can look at the actual Instagram post here.

“Whaaaaat is this ?? First off, i don’t lie . Secondly I’d never lie about getting into a fight . That’s ridiculous . Idk what Dray talking about fr,” Thompson said, internet abbreviations and all.


So what’s really going on here? Was Green so caught up in all the attention he’s getting during the NBA playoffs that he’d fabricate an entire story? Or is there some truth to the account?

There must be some truth to it. Thompson is definitely known for hitting the club. It’s anyone’s guess as to why Green embellished, at the very least.

Maybe it’s an inside joke? Could Thompson be doubling down on his initial “lie?” I’m just throwing potential scenarios out there because this is pretty strange. Stay tuned to see if Green reveals what in the heck is going on.

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