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Athletics’ Mark Canha: ‘The more baseball starts to look like WWE, the better’

The unwritten rules of baseball are a bit of a mystery, but in general, they say that baseball players must behave a certain way.

Oakland Athletics outfielder Mark Canha says you can take those rules and throw them out the window. Or rather, throw them out of the ring like a pro wrestler would.

He told 95.7 The Game in San Francisco that he’d like to see Major League Baseball put on more of a show, just as the WWE does for its pro wrestling fans.

This is no surprise coming from Canha. He enjoys a good bat flip after a long home run, and his walk up music this season is “Like a Virgin” by Madonna. Just saying, not normal walk-up fare there.

This is an issue that commishoner Rob Manfred must figure out: should he make an effort to modernize the game, essentially allowing players to express emotion without fear of the opposing pitcher throwing a 95 MPH heater by their ear in retaliation?

Because that’s the old, unwritten way. Clearly, Canha says we can throw that old, mysterious book away for good.

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