MLB power rankings by The Athletic: San Francisco Giants still behind the Dodgers

What do the San Francisco Giants have to do to get some respect amongst national sportswriters?

Thus far, the Giants have been in first place in the National League West for the vast majority of the season. Entering play on Monday, the Giants were one game ahead of the defending World Series champion Dodgers and three games ahead of the formidable Padres.

But writers from The Athletic still have the Dodgers rated higher than that Giants in their weekly MLB power rankings. The Dodgers are listed as the third-best team in baseball while the Giants are a spot behind, at No. 4.

In The Athletic’s article listing their rankings and explanations, the writers had little to say — the blurb about the Giants most resembled a personal apology.

Hi, Giants fans. My name is Nick, in Denver. I’m here for you. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities in the world. Your ballpark is great. You have the best PA announcer in baseball. Your stadium music and food are both actually good. Even the rats under that bridge outside the park are polite. I love you dudes.

I know what you’re thinking. How are the Giants ranked below the Dodgers despite a better record? How many games do they have to win to move to No. 1? 

Nick Groke/The Athletic

The writer went on to say that he voted the Giants No. 1 and will do the same next week; he also asked aloud why the other writers that helped form the power ranking hate the Giants so much. Additionally, he mentioned the impressive play of pitcher Kevin Gausman, catcher Buster Posey and shortstop Brandon Crawford.

I know it’s always sweet for the local team to get praise from the big, national publications, but this might be ideal for the Giants. It’s not to say they couldn’t handle the pressure of being talked about in the press all the time, but since the press is largely staying away, there’s less pressure — and that ain’t so bad.

Besides, it’s already been established what the Giants have to do to get national respect — and that’s win the whole freakin’ thing (that would be the World Series). Thus far, it’s difficult to say the Giants don’t have it in them, regardless of where they’re ranked.

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