Golden State Warriors

Potential NBA Draft Lottery haul for Warriors that would drive opponents crazy

The Golden State Warriors front office is used to making a big splash that impacts the entire NBA, most notably with its swift, shocking acquisition of NBA superstar Kevin Durant in the latter part of the last decade.

That move cleared the way for NBA titles in 2017 and 2018 and made the whole league wince with pain. Next week, the Warriors have another chance to make the league take notice, though it will take an enormous amount of luck, as opposed to the skill of general manager Bob Myers and the bottomless pockets of team owner Joe Lacob.

It’s the NBA Draft Lottery, and the Warriors will have an opportunity to own two lottery picks, though there are numerous possibilities, as usual with the draft lottery. In an arguably worst-case scenario, Golden State could end up with just one selection. In a highly-improbable best-case scenario, the Warriors would again rock the NBA world and have league observers wondering how Golden State is so lucky.

The true best case is the Warriors jumping up to No. 1 with their own pick and landing fourth with the Wolves pick, a microscopic possibility that would send the basketball world into a conspiratorial frenzy if it came to be.

Anthony Slater/The Athletic

As Anthony Slater of The Athletic wrote, the possibility is microscopic. But man, would it be sweet for Golden State.

The Warriors will earn the Timberwolves’ lottery pick if it’s outside of the top-3 choices and also have their own lottery selection, slated at No. 14 overall. This year’s draft is said to have five can’t-miss prospects, so Golden State would be happy enough with the Timberwolves pick at No. 4 and keeping its own choice at No. 14.

Slater lines all the details out in his story, but mainly, Golden State simply has to know what assets it has on its hands so it can continue to build the roster to further enhance the skills of superstar guard Stephen Curry.

But if Myers and Lacob luck out and get the top selection, that could certainly boost the prospects for the Warriors next season and in the near future. Plus, it would drive the entire NBA nuts, just as the franchise did during its dynastic run of the 2010s.

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