Golden State Warriors

Warriors’ Stephen Curry opts out of U.S. Olympic basketball team, Tokyo games

Taking a look at the resume of Warriors guard Stephen Curry can be time consuming — he’s done so much in his career, you could get lost in numbers.

But there’s one accomplishment Curry is yet to attain, and on Monday, it became clear Curry would have to wait longer for an opportunity. According to multiple reports, Curry won’t participate in the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo as part of the U.S. basketball team, as many had hoped, perhaps even Curry.

Curry has yet to win Olympic gold as part of the U.S. basketball team, and he’ll be 36 years of age when his next opportunity arrives in 2024. Curry said recently that he was “50-50” on deciding whether to join Team USA or not.

The pandemic is still strong in Japan, which must have factored into Curry’s decision. Also, he had a grueling season, giving maximum effort to keep the Warriors afloat during an unsure time for the franchise.

Curry certainly kept the Golden State Warriors’ name pristine with his MVP finalist season, as he led the NBA in scoring. Now, he’ll have five months to recover for yet another significant campaign. And as far as Curry at the Olympics in 2024, every team can use a spot up shooter, and Curry will be able to do that easily three-plus years from now, and probably much more.

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