Golden State Warriors

Would the Warriors really pass on Jonathan Kuminga in the NBA Draft?

Usually, when a top prospect in the NBA Draft falls to an unsuspecting franchise, it’s cause for celebration. But for the Golden State Warriors, that situation — particularly in the case of 18-year-old prospect Jonathan Kuminga — could demand a tough decision.

The decision in question? Potentially, it’s to take a pass on Kuminga. The talented 6-foot-6 wing last played in the G-League and performed well enough to be considered a fringe top-5 prospect, but given his inexperience and the Warriors’ demand for the opposite, general manager Bob Myers might take a pass on Kuminga if he has the opportunity.

Or so says The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami. He argues that the Warriors’ demand for experience, even among NBA Draft prospects, is too strong, and the championship window for superstars Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green is paramount.

My early-early guess is that if the Warriors have to make this decision, they will not select Kuminga due to the timeline issues. Bob Myers won’t want to add another teenager who will be at his best when Curry and Draymond are no longer in their primes. I’ll say that the Warriors will either select a more experienced player or they’ll trade the pick to a team that really wants Kuminga.

Tim Kawakami/The Athletic

This paints a fairly clear picture regarding the Warriors’ predicament. The franchise’s salary cap situation is stretched far beyond the maximum, and it will be difficult to add veteran talent.

As a result, Golden State is so desperate for experience, it’s even looking for it with the No. 7 pick in the NBA Draft. That’s nearly unheard of. Kuminga’s skills could be tough to pass up, but with the draft being a bit of a crap-shoot already, Myers might have to take a pass and hope Kuminga doesn’t make him look silly years down the road.

(Photo courtesy Position Sports, Inc.)

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