San Francisco 49ers

Look: 49ers QB Trey Lance tosses bacon for charity, hangs out with Colts QB Carson Wentz

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance has yet to hit the field for his new team, but that doesn’t mean he has to wait before giving his time to charity.

On Saturday, the 49ers’ prized rookie went back to his college hometown to contribute to Colts QB Carson Wentz’s charity softball game. Wentz and Lance share the same alma mater, North Dakota State University.

But that’s not all. The event had a little extra fun with some bacon, all for a good cause of course. Here’s video courtesy of NBC Sports.

That looks fun, I cannot lie. Especially if you get to eat the bacon that you catch (after cooking it, clearly).

But most interestingly for Lance’s on-field chances, the comparison to Wentz is relevant. He’s had tremendous success in the NFL, though he’s had his share of rough patches, too. Regardless, Wentz is clearly an NFL talent that developed in the same college town as Lance did. That bodes well for San Francisco.

Plus, check out the size comparison between the two signal callers. Lance stacks up well next to the jumbo-sized Wentz, who is listed at 6-foot-5 and roughly 230 pounds. In in the photo below, Wentz is second from the left, and Lance is all the way to the right of the frame.

You can check out more footage courtesy of Lances’s Instagram story. But the real story? That will happen for Lance on the NFL gridiron, starting in the preseason. Still, there’s no reason to wait to give to charity, as Lance is well aware, bacon or no bacon.

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