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City of Oakland calls for last-second changes to Athletics’ Howard Terminal project

Though the Oakland Athletics’ proposed mixed-use project at Howard Terminal in Oakland is gargantuan, with a $12 billion price tag, there are still some proposed last-minute changes to the development, which includes a $1 billion baseball stadium.

The City of Oakland wants the Athletics to build on-site and off-site affordable housing and is asking for a 45-year non-relocation agreement, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Additionally, the city wants changes to the financing setup, as detailed in a report by the Chronicle.

In a Friday report, city staff also said Alameda County should help finance the project and the city should create one infrastructure financing district instead of two, arguing those changes would help protect the city’s interests and taxpayers.

But the A’s pushed back at those suggestions Friday and said it is unclear whether the project can move forward without two infrastructure financing districts as the team had originally proposed.

Sarah Ravani/San Francisco Chronicle

Well, that doesn’t sound good. Especially this late in the game. The report cited by the Chronicle will be presented to members of the City Council next week, and the city will vote on the Howard Terminal project on July 20.

Athletics’ president Dave Kaval said that aspects of this new report has “areas that are a pretty large departure from the offer we had negotiated with the city.” Though he expressed an interest in “trying to understand it more” at this stage.

Just as it appeared the Howard Terminal project was gaining late traction, with Mayor Libby Schaff recently embracing the Athletics’ “Howard Terminal or bust” mantra, the City of Oakland wants to add stipulations to an already agreed upon deal.

The demands are worthwhile, but probably should have been included in the original deal. At least one aspect of this mess hasn’t changed: all eyes are on the part of the calendar that says “July 20,” with the Athletics’ future in Oakland in the balance.

(Photo courtesy Tony Webster)

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