Golden State Warriors

Watch: Klay Thompson takes James Wiseman boating, shows him ‘what it’s like to be a captain, baby’

Most questions surrounding Warriors center James Wiseman lately have revolved around his status with Golden State. Will he be on the roster next season? Or will general manager Bob Myers trade the gifted 20-year-old, intending to bring veteran talent to the Warriors in return?

But it appears that Golden State guard Klay Thompson had a completely different question for Wiseman on Thursday.

It was something like: “Yo, young man. Do you want to go cruise the San Francisco Bay in my boat?”

The pair indeed took to the open water on Thursday. How do we know? Captain Klay, of course. Here’s video of the two sourced from Thompson’s Instagram.

Thompson says he’s teaching Wiseman, “what it’s like to be a straight captain, baby.”

But I’m not going to attempt to provide any added meaning to this; the fact that Thompson and Wiseman are bonding on the San Francisco Bay doesn’t mean that Myers will resist any potentially enticing trade offers that may come his way.

Most of all, I’m simply happy to see Wiseman rather than read about him. The NBA rumor mill is churning out potential Wiseman trades like a factory, and that must make the young man’s head spin at least a bit.

Thompson has him smiling on the water though, learning how to be a boss. You gotta love it. Whatever happens to Wiseman, the relationship between these two will last a lifetime.

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