San Francisco 49ers

49ers’ George Kittle: NCAA should give ex-USC superstar Reggie Bush his Heisman Trophy back

The Earth moved this week with monumental news in the NCAA. Collegiate athletes can now capitalize financially on their image and likeness, a vast change from the history of amateur athletics, some of which have become enormous financial enterprises.

Consider college football as the No. 1 money driver in the NCAA. It’s incredible popularity produces a multi-billion-dollar business. But any financial benefit for players has been forbidden until now. Over a decade ago, the rule led to former USC superstar running back Reggie Bush having his Heisman Trophy taken away after he violated NCAA rules.

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle thinks it’s time to give that trophy back.

It’s impossible to calculate how much money Bush could have made while in college, but rest assured, it would have been a lot. He was more popular than the majority of professional athletes at the time. Perhaps the least the NCAA could do is work with the Heisman Trust to get Bush his trophy back.

Good for Kittle to take a stand here. Bush was vilified for his rule violation, but times have changed drastically. Looking back, it’s hard to fault Bush for capitalizing on his worldwide popularity.

(Photo courtesy All-Pro Reels)

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