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Athletics’ Matt Olson named to AL All-Star team for first time

If Major League Baseball selects just on Oakland Athletics player to this season’s All-Star team, at least they chose the every-day A’s starter that makes an impact as big as his swing — first baseman Matt Olson.

Olson is going to the All-Star game for the fist time as a reserve, and though it’s possible another Athletic could get the call to replace another player that opts out of the midsummer classic, he’s the lone Oakland representative for now.

Olson has bounced back from a lackluster season a year ago to hit with a .284 batting average with an OPS of .924, good for eighth in the American League. He’s fourth in the AL in home runs and has 53 RBI. (Stats entering Sunday.)

His manager, Bob Melvin told reporters he hopes another one of his players gets added to the AL roster, but Olson is more than deserving.

“Well-deserved by Matt. … ” Melvin said. “There’s a lot of first basemen having great years, but this year he’s at times really carried us. Very few teams have guys that they can say have carried you. Not only that, he’s durable, he plays every day, he plays Gold Glove defense. He should feel really good about it.”

San Francisco Chronicle

No doubt, Olson should feel fantastic. Check him out at the plate as the A’s reveal his accomplishment.

Still, Olson is a team-first guy, and the A’s lost two of three to the Red Sox over the weekend. Thankfully they can make up games lost to the now first place Astros, with the Athletics 3.5 games back of Houston after being in first place most of the year.

Olson will be there to help in that endeavor, too, no doubt.

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