Bay Area reacts to Giants’ new ‘MLB City Connect’ uniforms, featuring Golden Gate Bridge, lots of fog

With a franchise steeped in tradition such as the San Francisco Giants, the uniforms are a big deal — as in, don’t mess with them.

Well, in large part, anyway. The Giants have had multiple uniforms over the years, of course. But a special alternate uniform by Nike, dubbed the “MLB City Connect” uni, was recently revealed by the team, and not all the reactions were positive.

First, have a look at the new threads here, courtesy of the Giants’ official Twitter account.

Note the fog influence on the total ensemble. Below, one can see the “G” on the jersey shrouded in what is supposed to be fog and an image of the often-foggy Golden Gate Bridge.

According to the Giants’ website, San Francisco will wear the uniforms on July 9-11 against the Nationals and also wear the City Connect unis during every Tuesday home game for the rest of the season.

Most reactions to the new threads by Nike found on social media were negative. Personally, I’d rather there were no alternate uniforms at all, so I don’t like them just because of that. But putting my sports conservatism aside, I don’t think they’re terrible.

As I said, most think otherwise. Check out this assortment of reactions to the San Francisco Giants “City Connect” uniforms.

And what do you think? Love ’em? Hate ’em? Just won’t watch the Giants on Tuesday? Let the BASH know in the comments section below, or head to Twitter and tell the world all about it.

(Photo courtesy Frank Schulenburg)

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