Golden State Warriors

Watch: Warriors’ Stephen Curry shadowboxes world-champion boxer Canelo Álvarez

Is Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry doing his best Bo Jackson impression?

Jackson, the former star athlete who famously knows how to play nearly any sport, would be proud of Curry’s recent endeavor — shadowboxing a world-champion boxer while on a golf course.

Here’s Curry play-fighting with Canelo Álvarez, the multiple-time world-champion boxer. According to TMZ, this is the second time the two have squared off on the golf course, and it was a second “loss” for Curry.

Curry definitely displayed some footwork. But in boxing, hand-speed is deadly, as Álvarez demonstrates.

Via his Instagram page, Curry said, “I tried the Champ @canelo again! It didn’t go well again…footwork was solid though just saying.”

The entire NBA is fortunate that Curry didn’t get hurt, but Curry likely isn’t thinking about that. They guy likes to have fun, even mimicking other sports during his pregame routine in the NBA. Still, Curry did make sure to “punch” with is left and non shooting hand. Smart move.

And Jackson wold still be proud of Curry. With months to go before the next NBA campaign tips off, don’t be surprised to see Curry having fun with any sport besides the one he’s an all-time great at.

(Photo courtesy Noah Salzman)

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