Golden State Warriors

Steph Curry says he’s okay with adding two rookie lottery picks to Warriors roster next year

The Golden State Warriors are on the hunt for players to add to its roster that can help win now, as in assist in a championship run next season. Experience has been a key word when considering possible additions, especially if you ask Warriors superstars Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson.

But has Curry turned a corner? Does he think that if the Warriors use their two lottery picks in the upcoming NBA Draft, that those players can help win now? Much talk surrounding Golden State’s draft prospects involves the team trading those two choices for a veteran NBA player.

Curry said that the players drafted in the lottery will be talented, of course, and if the player is the right fit for the Warriors’ motion offense, he’d expect they can contribute “right away.”

Curry might have to be alright with this scenario. The Warriors’ salary cap situation is stretched thin, and thus far, the NBA trade market for the No. 7 or the No. 14 pick is the opposite of hot. But as Curry said, these lottery picks are still supposed to be talented.

Additionally, this is great to hear from Curry — he’s due to sign a contract extension soon, and some have speculated that the Warriors need to make a splashy trade to acquire a veteran in order to keep Curry happy enough to sign on the dotted line.

Bottom line, however: the Warriors need help on their roster. Whether it’s via the NBA Draft, free agency or a trade. Curry seems to know that and is keeping all avenues open.

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