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Watch: Athletics’ Matt Olson puts on a show, makes fan flip out at MLB Home Run Derby

Sending an All Star to the MLB Home Run Derby can be a bit nerve-racking. Will he tire out and suffer an injury? Perhaps have a terrible outing and damage his confidence? Win the entire derby and return to the club healthy but unrefreshed?

But Athletics first baseman Matt Olson seemingly doesn’t have to worry about any of that after his first appearance as an All Star at this year’s Home Run Derby. He put on one heck of a show, booming majestic home runs that left the crowd at Coors Field in Denver in awe.

Plus, he lost in the first round by just one home run. It’s not the best news for those rooting for him to win it all, but he left no doubt he’s one of the premier power hitters in Major League Baseball in just one session at the plate.

That’s a lot of home runs by the Athletics’ Gold Glove at first base. One fan completely flipped out over one Olson moon shot, seemingly barely avoiding catastrophic injury.

There’s nothing like a good close call. That fan certainly got more thrills than the average spectator.

Here’s a longer video of the big show Olson put on. He made his mark on the festivities and now he can rest up for the All-Star game and the Athletic’s second half of the season, with all potential derby pitfalls avoided.

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