Oakland A's

Rob Manfred: ‘The Oakland process is at the end’ with July 20 vote on A’s plan at Howard Terminal

The Oakland Athletics, we assume, want to start anew in the East Bay with their proposed $12 billion multi-use development at the Port of Oakland’s Howard Terminal. But Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred says the franchise’s long search for a new home in the Bay Area will come to an end on July 20.

That’s when the City of Oakland will vote on the Howard Terminal proposal, and much like Athletics president Dave Kaval, who says it’s “Howard Terminal or bust,” Manfred says the July 20 vote is the last chance for Oakland to keep the A’s.

The Athletics are already preparing a backup plan in the Las Vegas area and are scheduled to visit their possible future home again on July 21, just one day after the big vote in Oakland.

Their proposed ballpark in the Las Vegas area would reportedly cost $1 billion. Meanwhile, at Howard Terminal, the preferred development from the A’s cost 12 times as much and would be one of the largest mixed-use projects in the country, with its own $1 billion ballpark.

And it’s right next to the vital Port of Oakland. It’s not exactly a slam dunk of a deal, but the A’s say it’s either that or they’re gone, to Las Vegas or some other option. Still, Bay Area A’s fans certainly hope that July 20 is the start of something in Oakland, not the end.

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