San Francisco 49ers

NFL vaccination stance fallout: 49ers’ Fred Warner promotes conversation, questions among teammates

The NFL stumbled across some luck on Thursday. The very day the league took a hard-line stance in support of vaccinations among its players, the 49ers officially signed linebacker Fred Warner to a new contract; fortunately for everyone, he provided some positive thoughts about the news during his comments to reporters.

I’m always happy to hear that a person is vaccinated against Covid-19. It saves lives, simple as that.

According to NFL Media, the league will force teams to forfeit a game if it can’t be rescheduled after a Covid-19 outbreak amongst unvaccinated players. Furthermore, if the game is indeed cancelled, the players will not receive their game check, and the team that caused the cancellation will have to cover financial losses and also face more potential discipline from the league.

That’s because vaccinations are also vital to the NFL’s bottom line. They clearly don’t plan to cancel any games this season, if they can help it.

That’s why they’re lucky to have Warner on their side. He’s an All-Pro and just earned a massive 5-year contract extension with San Francisco; plus, it’s clear that he earned his deal thanks to his character as well. Armed with more vaccination information via leadership and team-wide conversation, perhaps more 49ers and NFL players everywhere will follow in Warner’s footsteps (the vaccination, probably not the contract).

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