Golden State Warriors

Former NBA champ Chris Bosh is a big-time believer in Warriors C James Wiseman

Can Warriors center James Wiseman help Golden State win now and be a building block for the future? That’s the question facing Warriors general manager Bob Myers as he prepares for a crucial NBA Draft for the franchise, considering his stated goal of acquiring a veteran to help lift his roster to championship heights.

That’s because if Myers is to trade for an accomplished NBA pro, he’d likely have to send Wiseman packing to complete a draft-day deal. The No. 2 overall pick in the NBA Draft just a year ago, Wiseman’s value is unclear at the moment due to an uneven rookie campaign that ended with an MCL tear in his knee.

At least one former NBA champ says Wiseman is a perfect fit for Golden State’s roster, however. Ex-Heat superstar power forward Chris Bosh is a believer in Wiseman’s potential playing alongside sharpshooting guards Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

Here’s what Bosh said about Wiseman and the Warriors on ESPN, courtesy of Bruce Jenkins of the San Francisco Chronicle.

From retired star Chris Bosh, on ESPN: “I truly believe in Wiseman. All he has to do is set screens for Steph and Klay [Thompson], and roll, and he’ll be open all next season … they just have to really enjoy the situation that they’re in right now.”

Bruce Jenkins/San Francisco Chronicle

This statement seems like simple common sense, but Bosh is actually going out on a limb — the Warriors were less efficient with Wiseman on the floor a season ago.

But as I’ve said on the BASH, Kerr may have used Wiseman incorrectly last season. Wiseman’s role should be simplified, as Bosh projects with his statement. At 7-feet tall with 7-foot-6 wingspan, Wiseman has plentiful athletic ability which should be easy to weaponize on the basketball court, especially with championship players such as Curry and Thompson in place.

That’s if Wiseman is still on the team after the NBA Draft, however. We’ll thankfully know soon enough what Myers and the front office will do when the NBA’s selection meeting convenes on July 29.

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