Golden State Warriors

Warriors GM says current plan is to use team’s two lottery picks, leaves door open for trade

For the first time in the era of the NBA lottery, the Golden State Warriors have two lottery picks in the upcoming NBA Draft.

And with the team facing a crucial offseason, the pressing question is what will Warriors general manager Bob Myers decide to do with his prized selections?

Rampant trade rumors involving Golden State have the franchise trading a bevy of assets for a proven NBA veteran, or even a superstar such as Wizards guard Bradley Beal. The Warriors are often projected to trade it’s top-two selections, at Nos. 7 and 14, along with young center James Wiseman and forward Andrew Wiggins. But just days before the NBA Draft, Myers told reporters that — as of Monday — Golden State’s plan is to keep its lottery picks.

Myers emphasized that that can change, however.

Wow, Mr. Myers. way to leave us on the edge of our seats. But he went on to say that in today’s NBA, trades materialize later than ever.

Myers also told reporters that the Warriors aren’t even sure whom they’d draft at No. 7 or No. 14. With all of this information taken together, it’s clear he’s keeping other NBA executives on the edge of their seats as well, not just fans and observers. That’s the name of the game at this point; if everyone knew what Myers was up to, that would amount to a disadvantage if trade talks eventually materialize.

On July 29, we’ll all finally know how the Warriors will play this situation. Myers is tasked with keeping the franchise’s championship window open while superstars Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson are in the latter stages of their careers. If all goes perfectly for Myers on Thursday, it could lead to another championship for that trio and one heck of a story in the Bay Area and the entire NBA.

(Photo courtesy nikk_la)

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