Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green predicts Warriors draft picks via text from Tokyo

With the familiar faces on the Golden State Warriors calling for more seasoned players on the roster next season — even from incoming rookies — one might figure forward Draymond Green would be a bit miffed about Bob Myers’ selection of the raw but talented Jonathan Kuminga.

It was Green that hinted the most at trading the Warriors two lottery picks for an established pro, after all. But not to worry. Green not only approves of the Kuminga pick, as well as the selection of 19-year-old Arkansas product, guard Moses Moody, he predicted them.

He did so via text message with Myers, all the way from Japan. Green is in Tokyo for the Olympics, but it didn’t stop him from having this insightful exchange with Myers as the draft unfolded.

That’s pretty wild. I agree with Green, by the way. I wanted Kuminga all the way and when Moody became available, that was a no brainier too. Though Green called for the Arkansas product fairly early, at the ninth pick or so (Moody was selected at No. 14).

But are guards Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson as happy with the haul? I think it’s safe to assume yes at this point. Their attitude might change if Myers doesn’t acquire solid veterans in free agency, however. Signings start on Aug. 2, but Green, for now at least, is happy with Myers’ crucial offseason and the new guys, Kuminga and Moody.

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