San Francisco 49ers

Kyle Shanahan says he doesn’t plan to split reps between Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo

There’s an undeniable buzz surrounding 49ers training camp in Santa Clara, and its epicenter is the quarterback position.

Rookie QB Trey Lance has impressed both coaches and onlooking members of the press with a style of play, skill and demeanor that is more mature than one usually expects from a small-school product. Lance has made his strides with the second-team offense, however; returning starter Jimmy Garoppolo was named the clear-cut No. 1 QB by coach Kyle Shanahan at the start of camp.

But is that still the plan? Doesn’t Shanahan want to see how Lance looks with the starters?

On Monday, he said no, he’s still not ready to give Lance first-team reps.

This is a fascinating QB situation, and hearkens back to epic QB controversies in the 49ers’ past, most famously with Joe Montana and Steve Young.

But Shanahan is smart to stick to his plan. There are preseason games this year (as opposed to last year), and if Lance is truly the man to start Week 1 in 2021, he’ll make it obvious at that time. Besides, players will wear pads for the first time on Tuesday.

We’ll see, however. Perhaps Shanahan changes his mind before training camp ends. With how well Lance is reportedly playing, anything is possible.

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