Golden State Warriors

Before re-signing with Warriors, Steph Curry briefly imagined playing for another franchise

It’s always good to weigh your options, even if it seems as though there’s only one clear choice. And that’s what Warriors guard Stephen Curry did before signing his historic contract extension with Golden State.

One might ask: what options? Are we talking the length and value of the contract? Specific stipulations or perhaps even perks in the deal? Nope, that’s not what Curry considered. According to a report from The Athletic, which included an in-depth interview of Curry, the Warriors superstar admitted to imagining himself playing for another franchise.

Here are some more details from Marcus Thompson’s feature article on Curry, which covered many topics.

Not that he was ever close to leaving, but in an honest moment Curry admitted to imagining life not playing with the Warriors. Perhaps his drifting thoughts were his subconscious preparing him for what was once unthinkable — playing for another team. One thing he’s learned in 12 seasons is how fast things change in the league. And human nature has its way of manufacturing curiosity about greener grasses.

“I feel like that’s normal,” [Curry] said. “That is a sign (that) you are always trying to win and always trying to be in a situation that is best suited for winning.”

But the more he thought about it, and reminded himself of his priorities, finishing his career with the Warriors remained a clear preference.

Marcus Thompson/The Athletic

That’s kinda wild. But it makes sense. Curry’s father played in the NBA, and he knows it’s a business. And if he’s going to commit to playing for the Warriors until he’s 38 years old, it’s smart to at least imagine life on another team.

Curry mentioned winning, too. That was ultimately the deciding factor; he is convinced that despite a recent youth movement, Golden State is committed to winning another NBA title with Curry.

And signing his second career contract worth more than $200 million, the first NBA player in history to do so, probably had something to do with Curry’s decision to stay in Golden State, too. He’ll be a Warrior for life, as was his goal, and that’s fortunate for Bay Area basketball fans who can’t imagine life without the best shooter of all time, Stephen Curry.

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