San Francisco 49ers

49ers rookie QB Trey Lance will play about ’30 snaps’ in his debut vs. Chiefs

The San Francisco 49ers open their preseason against the Chiefs on Saturday, but the game will be more of an unveiling party for a player that has the potential to take the Bay Area by storm.

Rookie quarterback Trey Lance will see live action in the NFL for the first time, and coach Kyle Shanahan has a plan. Incumbent QB Jimmy Garoppolo will start and then give way to Lance in short order, as is the custom for preseason games. Shanahan predicted Lance will play about 30 snaps altogether.

Here’s a bit more info from the coach.

Lance has practiced a lot of running plays in practice, preparing for the regular season when Garoppolo will start and Lance could provide a change of pace off the bench. But on Saturday, it figures we’ll see Lance run a variety of plays.

With all the hype surrounding Lance’s performance in practice, this will be the first time to truly evaluate him in game situations. So sit back and enjoy the show, 49ers fans, and see what you’ve got at QB in San Francisco, potentially for the next decade (or more) to come.

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