Golden State Warriors

Jonathan Kuminga impresses Warriors brass with his passing ability

The Golden State Warriors’ brand new potential superstar, forward Jonathan Kuminga, clearly has a nose for field goals, from inside the paint and beyond the arch. But at just 18 years old, his game is still growing, and it appears he has a knack for passing the basketball, too.

That flies in the face of early projections for Kuminga, who slid in the NBA draft to the Warriors at No. 7 overall due, in part, to what some considered his lack of “feel” for the game. But thus far, Warriors general manager Bob Myers has been impressed with Kuminga’s willingness to look for his teammates.

“He passed better than we might have initially thought,” the Warriors GM said, according to The Athletic.

Kuminga forces the issue at times when he has the ball, so the critics have a point, too. But moments like this pass to guard Gary Payton have raised eyebrows and changed perceptions.

“I think some of the negative comments on him were his lack of feel,” Myers said, again per The Athletic. “You can’t really make many good passes if you have no feel. Now, can it get better? Yeah. I definitely think you can. But you see what we see. Even Steve (Kerr) said during the game the other night, he said, ‘I love his willingness to pass.’”

Coach Steve Kerr’s motion offense demands that players can, at minimum, keep the ball moving. Kuminga, who again, obviously loves to score points, will have to learn to pass the ball to his teammates within the construct of the Warriors offense.

But it appears he can do much more than that in time. It’s just the beginning for Kuminga (which explains why The BASH is still waiting for a good action photo of Kuminga to use for its blog posts), and he has obvious potential that includes much more than simply scoring in bunches for Golden State.

(Photo courtesy AllProReels)

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