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A’s stadium update: Athletics negotiating with Oakland, working on ‘parallel path’ in Las Vegas

It’s been a while since the Oakland Athletics provided an update on its negotiations with the City of Oakland regarding their Howard Terminal mixed-use project, which includes a new ballpark. But A’s president Dave Kaval recently revealed that the team is still in talks to stay in the Bay Area. However, they’re still looking at potential alternate, out-of-state sites.

Namely, the A’s are still looking at Las Vegas as a possible new home. Kaval called it a “parallel path” toward a new ballpark as the Athletics remain engaged with the City Of Oakland.

“I think it’s important that we recognize that we’re still having conversations,” Kaval said. “It’s also really important to understand that the parties are still working toward a mutually agreeable solution and we are going to continue to work on that.

“But we’re also going to work on a parallel path in Las Vegas because it’s important that we have multiple options because we’re really running out of time here at the Coliseum.”

San Francisco Chronicle

The Chronicle’s Matt Kawahara also reported that the A’s have yet to further negotiate finances with Oakland, but have rather focused on the project’s “environmental review and other necessary approvals.”

That’s a bit concerning for Bay Area A’s fans. It’s always about the money, and if the Athletics are to stay in Oakland, the financials must be sorted out.

But regardless of what Kaval says, these are not parallel paths. The A’s proposed development in Oakland is expected to carry an incredible $12 billion price tag. It would be a project of epic proportions and be much more than a ballpark.

Down in Las Vegas, it’s ballpark only. Conceivably, that will be a much easier project to complete and be far less grandiose. It seems clear to me, thanks to various reports, that team owner John Fisher wants a large-scale legacy project. But hey, who the heck knows at this point. Watch this space for more updates as the A’s ballpark saga continues.

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