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A’s stadium update: Delay in Alameda vote ‘potentially insurmountable’ for Athletics

One constant in the Oakland Athletics’ search for a new MLB ballpark in the Bay Area has been and abundance of moving parts in any proposed deal. The A’s Howard Terminal project is proving to be no different.

A delay to an important vote in Alameda County is the latest cog in the wheel to bog down, causing Athletics’ president Dave Kaval to call the news “potentially insurmountable” to the $12 billion proposed development on Oakland’s waterfront.

The City of Oakland had asked Alameda to create a tax district to help with infrastructure costs. Oakland has said that without help from Alameda, it’s unlikely the project can proceed, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“We are trying to work in good faith to understand if we can bridge these divides,” Kaval said. “Without the county, there is increasing concern on our side that the financial gap is potentially insurmountable.”

Kaval said the letters [from Alameda County, explaining their delay] pose a challenge for the future of the team in Oakland.

“That indicates there is not currently a plan that’s politically feasible for the city that they are willing to go forward with,” he said. “We are going to need an economic arrangement with the city of Oakland for this to work and at the current time, we do not have that.”

San Francisco Chronicle

The Alameda letters also said that they did not know how the A’s have responded to the City of Oakland’s counter proposal from July 20.

This is more bad news for Bay Area A’s fans. It’s a familiar story. The City of Oakland and Alameda County are two different governing bodies that must agree on most things involved with the A’s search for a new Bay Area ballpark. It’s difficult enough to have one group of officials to agree, but two? It’s been a constant issue.

But anything is possible. Negotiations are still on going, per The Chronicle. As usual, Bay Area A’s fans have to wait and see.

(Photo courtesy Robert Campbell)

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  1. I am usually not sympathetic with Sports Franchise Owners in general, but it appears that The City of Oakland is not truly serious about keeping The me A’s in town.
    This is really sad. The city has already lost NFL and NBA Franchises.
    The people of Oakland deserve better than this.
    The City’s counter offer is unreasonable.
    It looks like I’ll be rooting for The Las Vegas A’s pretty soon.


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