Golden State Warriors

Report: Unvaccinated Warriors players won’t be allowed inside Chase Center, just like fans

The Golden State Warriors like to say “Strength in Numbers.” The idea being that the organization and everyone affiliated with it, including fans, make the franchise strong together.

That philosophy is about to get tested. According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, unvaccinated Warriors players won’t be allowed to enter Chase Center, save for rare exceptions. The rule would apply to markets with local requirements, which certainly includes San Francisco and Chase Center, where fans must be vaccinated to enter, again with rare exceptions.

That’s potentially huge news. There are a small number of NBA players yet to be vaccinated, and some are bound to have strong opinions as to why they’ve made that choice. What if they refuse to accept one of the available vaccines? That could get messy very quickly.

It’s unclear if there are any unvaccinated Warriors at the moment, though forward Andrew Wiggins said he wasn’t vaccinated at one point last season. If that’s still the case, he’ll have to take a shot for the team to even enter his home arena. That’s wild, but unsurprising as the pandemic continues well past the year-and-a-half mark. Hopefully for all involved, no players miss any time at all.

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