Golden State Warriors

Warriors’ James Wiseman shows ‘love to the city’ in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill

There are a lot of fake trades from NBA observers involving James Wiseman, the Golden State Warriors’ second-year center. But on Wednesday, Wiseman was busy keeping it real in the city of San Francisco, his adopted home.

Wiseman visited the Potrero Hill Projects, which is not normal for any pro athlete, let alone the No. 2 pick in last year’s NBA Draft. You can catch a glimpse of the visit via Wiseman’s Instagram page, and I’ve taken a screen shot to look at as well.

That’s a striking image. You can also see that Golden State’s prized rookie Jonathan Kuminga took notice and commented on the post.

But back to Wiseman. He looks right at home, and it’s no coincidence. He grew up in a similar environment in East Nashville, Tenn., receiving support from neighbors that hoped Wiseman would make it big someday.

Despite not receiving any NBA All-Rookie honors, Wiseman’s potential is immense. His athleticism and size, not to mention skill, are seemingly perfect for today’s NBA game. He has a lot to learn still, however, especially since a torn MCL cut his season — and offseason — short.

He made some fans in San Francisco on Wednesday, though. That seems clear. From East Nashville to San Francisco, Wiseman is always down to put on for his city.

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