Golden State Warriors

Watch: Steph Curry actin’ (not Shaqtin’) a fool pregame with Leandro Barbosa

You’ll never find Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry on “Shaqtin’ a Fool,” the basketball bloopers reel on NBA on TNT, created by NBA great Shaquille O’Neal. Rather, Curry has his own brand of foolishness for the masses to enjoy. And he has a sidekick, too.

Curry and former Warriors guard turned coach, Leandro Barbosa, often have a little fun while warming up for NBA basketball by mimicking other sports such as soccer and even football. In honor of NBA Assists Week, the Warriors’ official Twitter account produced a video of their exploits to help Warriors fans pass the time until the regular season.

Check it out below. Perhaps you’ll wonder, as I do, whether Barbosa and Curry ever get headaches from treating the basketball like a soccer ball.

Curry really is a unique player, not only during the game, but before it. He’s been at this act for years now, also mimicking other sports and activities, such as bowling. And some of those kicks in the video are too good, from both Barbosa and Curry. If it wasn’t illegal to kick a basketball in the NBA, they might be on to something.

This also displays the “joy” that coach Steve Kerr likes to mention when talking about Curry. Curry often appears to be having a lot of fun playing in the NBA, even during some tense in-game moments. He’ll need to keep his entire squad loose when the Warriors begin an important season in October, one that will see the return of Curry’s backcourt mate, Klay Thompson.

A lot is at stake, with the Warriors trying to bridge the gap between a dynasty and a youth movement. But with Curry leading the way, his youthful, veteran vibe is perfect for the time and place in Golden State.

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