Golden State Warriors

Warriors’ Klay Thompson makes a splash at Giants vs. Dodgers game in San Francisco

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson hasn’t stepped on an NBA court for a regular season game in far too long, but his sea legs are getting a workout as he prepares to return during the upcoming campaign.

Thompson spends a lot of time on the San Francisco Bay in his boat, and on Sunday, he set sail for the Giants’ big game against Dodgers and made a splash (pun intended) in the stands.

First, here’s Thompson on his way to the game. He says he’s “giving these people what they want,” which indeed turned out to be the case.

Of course, when Thompson docked his boat and entered Oracle Park, the national TV crew took notice. Then, everyone else did as well.

That hat is something else. Paired with the shades and popped collar, it’s definitely a vibe.

Thompson has friends in high places too. He was sitting near Giants CEO Larry Baer.

Not to mention Bay Area rapper E-40.

Thompson isn’t just working his sea legs, of course. He’s been getting on-court work as he recovers from consecutive catastrophic injuries. He’s slated to return after the new year, given he ruptured his Achilles tendon in December 2020. The NBA loves Thompson having fun off the court, but goes crazy when he has fun on it, and that’s the show everyone is really waiting for — though Thompson’s fun-loving antics will never grow old.

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