Golden State Warriors

Steph Curry joins forces with cryptocurrency exchange company, Tom Brady

If you’re on Twitter, you may have noticed Stephen Curry’s new avatar. It’s a cartoon image of an ape. While it’s all in good fun, it’s business, too.

The Warriors superstar is delving into the world of crytocurrency. His ape avatar is an NFT, or a non-fungible token and a form of cryptocurrency produced by the “Ape Gang.” You can see Curry’s new token in the below tweet (if he hasn’t already switched his avatar), with Curry asking the world for advice with “crypto.”

Curry has resources other than his Twitter followers, however. On Tuesday, he announced he’s partnered with FTX, becoming a global ambassador for the company, which serves as a cryptocurrency exchange. Curry will also receive equity in FTX and become a shareholder, joining NFL quarterback Tom Brady.

Curry went from zero to 100 real quick with this move.

While some say crytocurrency, such as Bitcoin, will be a large part of the future, that fact remains to be seen. For a person with the resources that Curry has, however, it’s smart to diversify investments, and that’s what Curry has done here, especially with his share in FTX.

By the way, those Ape Gang NFTs can fetch well north of $15,000, just to give an idea about the wild world that Curry is diving into. Curry is already used to the NBA’s wild Western Conference, however. He’ll try to get the Warriors back on top starting on October 19 against the Lakers, Ape avatar or not.

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