Brandon Crawford was rooting for A’s during Derek Jeter’s ‘flip’ play in 2001

It’s Hall of Fame time in Major League Baseball, with a handful of legends being enshrined on Wednesday, including former Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. And since the San Francisco Giants have their own All-Star shortstop in Brandon Crawford, it’s only right we get some perspective from the Giants veteran.

Thankfully, Crawford had a lot to say about Jeter to The San Francisco Chronicle’s John Shea. One part of Crawford’s comments was particularly interesting because it had to do with the Giants’ cross-bay neighbor, the Oakland Athletics.

Crawford recalled Jeter’s legendary flip to the plate against the A’s in the 2001 ALDS in Oakland — the play resulted in an out at home, preserving a 1-0 lead in the game and, well, flipping the series to New York’s favor. (New York won the game 1-0.)

“I was never necessarily a Yankees fan being from the Bay Area,” said Crawford, the Giants’ three-time Gold Glove shortstop, “and I actually was rooting for the A’s when he made the flip home. I didn’t love that part. But obviously, you admire his heads-up and awareness to make that play.”

San Francisco Chronicle

Crawford was a fantastic Bay Area baseball fan growing up. We’ve got two teams, so why not root for both?

But it’s no surprise that a then 14-year-old Crawford was enamored with Jeter’s play. It was a shock to everyone at the moment and stands up to this day as one of Jeter’s greatest triumphs. The A’s were up two games to none in the series and appeared primed to beat New York.

Of course, the moment is infamous for Oakland A’s fans. But alas, it’s history. (Watch below if you can stomach it.)

(Photo courtesy Ian D’Andrea)

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