Giants’ Brandon Belt wears makeshift ‘C’ on jersey, proclaims himself team captain

The Major League Baseball season is now officially at the point when players go a bit crazy due to the long season and need comedic relief. I wasn’t sure if we were there yet (or had already passed that point by) but Giants first baseman Brandon Belt made it obvious on Friday against the Cubs.

He wore a makeshift “C” on his jersey in the Giants 6-1 win after proclaiming himself captain on the team plane. The letter was made from tape, but Belt rocked it anyway.

First of all, take a look here:

Now, here’s some of the backstory, courtesy of Giants insiders.

Postgame, Belt called himself the team’s “alpha” and stayed in character flawlessly in front of reporters.

That’s classic stuff. I’ve never seen Belt do anything close to what he did on Friday.

And it could be just what the Giants need. They’ve been red hot all season, but the Dodgers have kept pace in the NL West the entire time. Antics such as Belt’s “Alpha” performance can loosen a team up a bit, relieving any tension before a stretch run.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Belt passed his career high in home runs a while ago. His mark was 18, and how he has 22. If he keeps his team in the game on and off the field as he did on Friday, the Giants will have a great chance to hold those Dodgers off for good.

(Photo courtesy David from Washington DC)

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