Golden State Warriors

Could C Marc Gasol join the Warriors this season?

Picture this: the Golden State Warriors find they’re in need of reinforcements at center this season, and they find a proven, NBA-title-winning center willing to relocate to the Bay Area in an attempt to win a championship.

That’s already happened before, actually, with former Warriors center Andrew Bogut. But there could be a sequel in store. With three-time NBA All-Star C Marc Gasol out of the league and at home in Spain, he could be on the Warriors’ radar in regards to filling their 15th and final roster spot.

The idea comes from The Athletic’s Anthony Slater. He ran down a list of options for Golden State’s still open final vacancy and floated Gasol as a potential match.

Marc Gasol is a name to watch. He just wiggled his way away from the Lakers and, according to an ESPN report, plans to remain in Spain while sorting out the next (and perhaps last) phase of his playing career.

Gasol nearly signed with the Warriors last summer — and might have done so had Thompson not ruptured his Achilles before free agency. It may never materialize, but he has the exact passing acumen and center skill set that has traditionally fit Kerr’s offense best, similar to David West and Andrew Bogut.

Anthony Slater/The Athletic

Gasol ended up signing with the Lakers and eventually took a back seat to C Andrew Drummond as the season wore on. But Slater is absolutely correct in saying Gasol would be an ideal fit with the Warriors.

If centers Kevon Looney and James Wiseman both stay healthy, Golden State should be alright at center, but just barely. Forward Draymond Green will of course play some small-ball center, but it’s not far-fetched to believe the Warriors will need help in the middle — especially if they have a shot and the NBA playoffs and the Larry O’Brian Trophy.

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