San Francisco 49ers

Fred Warner calls 49ers’ loss to depleted Cardinals ’embarrassing’

Getting beat by Kyler Murray is one thing. But Colt McCoy?

Some might consider that embarrassing.

The San Francisco 49ers suffered a lopsided loss to a depleted Cardinals team on Sunday, 31-17, with the defeat a far cry from the close contest the 49ers had with Arizona a month ago, when the formidable Cardinals were at full strength. Arizona was ahead 31-7 at one point, though quarterback Kyler Murray was out with injury, as was wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, in addition to WR A.J. Green and defensive end J.J. Watt.

But the 49ers defense still looked lost, leaving defensive leaders Fred Warner, Nick Bosa and Arik Armstead to offer short, subdued reviews of their performance on defense.

“It’s embarrassing, defensively, what we put on tape,” Warner said.

Said Bosa: “Didn’t make enough plays. Didn’t get turnovers.”

Offered Armstead: “I would sum it up as not good.”

San Franisco Chronicle

Yeah, that all sounds about right.

The 49ers didn’t force a punt until the third quarter and allowed an astonishing seven plays of 20-plus yards. Murray’s backup, 35-year-old journeyman Colt McCoy, completed 22-of-26 passes and had a 119.4 QB rating (wow).

The offense was embarrassing, too, turning the ball over twice early, leading to 10 Cardinals points.

The 49ers lost a golden opportunity to make up ground on the high-flying Cardinals but failed, and now their record sits at 3-5 with the other monster in the NFC West — the Rams — set to visit Santa Clara on Monday night. In a season that many predicted would be super for San Francisco, they need an unlikely win against LA to keep their playoff hopes afloat. At the very least, they can’t get embarrassed as they did against the Cardinals.

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