Golden State Warriors

NBA’s adoration for Steph Curry ‘reminiscent’ of last decade, but wholly different

In the wake of two vastly different but equally impressive road wins against the Nets and Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry is enjoying love from fans in foreign arenas as few players have.

And though Curry says the feeling is similar to what Golden State experienced at the height (thus far) of its dynasty, this version of adoration is completely different.

First, Curry received “MVP” chants in Brooklyn and was implored to shoot for his 40th point as he was set to exit the game (Curry finished with 37). This, from a fanbase that is supposed to cheer for ex-Warriors forward Kevin Durant.

Then in Cleveland — a city that faced Curry four times in the NBA Finals, losing three times — Curry did score 40 points and had the fans jumping out of their seats.

Then, just as the Cavaliers’ hopes were fading with less than three minutes left, Curry nailed a step-back 3-pointer to send fans — yes, even some clad in red and gold — to their feet.

Connor Letourneau/San Francisco Chronicle

Curry scored 20 points in the fourth quarter in Cleveland, and the fans couldn’t help but be entertained. More “MVP” chants arrived as a result.

Here’s Curry on how all of this craziness reminds him of the latter half of the last decade when the Warriors won three NBA titles.

I agree with Curry — the vibe is familiar. But he’s also being modest. Because what’s happening now is ridiculous and on another level.

I mean, shouldn’t Curry be the villain by now? He’s already taken the NBA by storm and won multiple championships. This isn’t like the first go-around when Curry was fresh on the scene. But at this point, some fans aparantly don’t care whether they win or lose, as long as they see a show from The Golden Child, Steph Curry.

In my NBA lifetime, that’s Michael Jordan stuff. Kobe Bryant material. Some LeBron James, too.

But it’s the players that play with grace, rather than power, like James, who entertain the most — according to me and NBA fans that have clamored exuberantly for Jordan and Bryant and now do so for Curry. (Grace and power together are the best, just watch Jordan.)

Curry is his own type of likable, however. His relatively short stature combined with his other-worldly shooting and offensive ability has captivated the NBA. It’s done so for years, but this is a breathtaking resurgence that’s altogether different. (“MVP! MVP!”)

So this is a new stratosphere for Steph. It’s early in the season, but how high can he and the Warriors (13-2) go? For right now, it’s immaterial. All the NBA wants is to enjoy the incredible show, with Curry a headliner like no other in the game today and perhaps in league history.

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