Golden State Warriors

James Wiseman releases new hip-hop track, raps about NBA play Warriors rarely use

It’s been a while since Warriors center James Wiseman has played NBA basketball. But there’s another way to enjoy his talents — within the hip-hop world of Soundcloud.

I’ve got to admit, I didn’t know Wiseman created music as a hobby/side-gig. Warriors Reddit alerted me to the situation, however. Here’s Wiseman’s latest track, with the second-year player taking over on the second verse and rapping about various things, including a basketball reference to the pick-and-roll play and the free-throw line.

You know what? That wasn’t bad. I kinda liked it. Wiseman doesn’t like the “Big Jim” nickname on the court, but he sounds like a big dude on the track, with a deep voice that indicates he is indeed living large, measuring 7-foot tall and growing stronger every day at just 20 years old.

Wiseman has a handful of tracks, too. You can listen here.

But it is comical that Wiseman raps about the pick-and-roll on his latest effort. Warriors coach Steve Kerr runs a motion offense and uses the play less frequently than other NBA teams, though it’s a staple of basketball at almost every level. Last season, many Warriors observers — including myself — clamored for more pick-and-roll with Wiseman. He appears to be very good at it, with his elite athleticism.

That will likely have to wait a bit, however. When Wiseman returns from a torn meniscus in his knee (scheduled to happen in January), he’ll probably be implemented slowly as a role player in Kerr’s offense, focusing on defense and helping superstar Stephen Curry maintain his early-season dominance.

But your day is coming, Big Wiseman. I do see a day when Wiseman’s pick-and-roll is a larger part of the team’s offense. That likely won’t occur for years — after the Warriors’ current crop of championship veterans retire or slow down dramatically.

Luckily, all indications are that Wiseman can’t wait to play his projected role, regardless of what he raps about. He’s a team player and the Warriors are on fire right now at 14-2. Big Wise knows his elite size and skill — on the court, I mean — could vault the Warriors to yet another level, no pick-and-roll needed.

UPDATE: The Warriors indeed do plan to use Wiseman in the pick and roll, per Connor Letourneau of the San Francisco Chronicle. Though how much that happens remains to be seen. I think it could be fantastic as a change of pace to Kerr’s motion offense.

Though Wiseman’s specific role will remain fluid, he is expected to focus on running the floor, catching lobs, executing pick-and-rolls and playing positional defense.

San Francisco Chronicle/Connor Letourneau

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