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Warriors’ Steph Curry calls ex-NBA PG Muggsy Bogues ‘a Giant to the game’

At just 5-foot-3, ex-NBA point guard Muggsy Bogues defied the odds and made his mark on professional basketball with the original Charlotte Hornets.

But what were the odds that at the time, Bogues also made a positive impact on a young man who would eventually become the greatest shooter in NBA history?

Warriors guard Stephen Curry looked up to Bogues when Curry’s father, former NBA G Dell Curry, played for the Hornets in the late 1980s and early-mid ’90s. (Dell was seriously one of the best shooters I’ve personally ever seen. I was surprised every time he missed a shot, just saying.)

Here’s some footage documenting the relationship between Bogues and the younger Currys (Seth, too), followed by Steph’s reaction to the clips, taken from an NBA documentary about Bogues.

And Curry:

That’s pretty special. But I gotta say that Bogues, comically, sounds to me as though he’s relieved he didn’t drop Steph on those airplane rides. (I mean, I’m sure thankful.)

My sense of humor aside, Curry has good reason to call the diminutive Bogues a “Giant in the game.” Despite his lack of height, he was no bit player. Bogues played more than 30 minutes a game in five of his 14 NBA seasons, and for some quality Hornets teams. Furthermore, he averaged more than 10 assists a game twice and averaged a double-double in 1993-94.

Bogues also played two seasons with the Warriors after his Charlotte career, appearing in 95 games, 36 of them starts. At the time, it was impossible to know Bogues had such a close connection to the Warriors’ future savior in Curry. I’d actually love to see the Warriors invite Bouges back to the Bay Area to celebrate the connection, now that I think about it. Maybe they already have and I missed it, but that would be fantastic.

But for now, the focus in Golden State is to bring more joy to Bogues’ heart — in the form of another NBA championship for Steph and the Warriors, of course. Steph’s Warriors already have their place in NBA history, as does Bogues, but their story is still being written, thankfully, and is as entertaining as ever.

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