Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green imbibing less than years past: ‘I used to go after it a little bit’

Longtime followers of the Warriors know that forward Draymond Green likes to imbibe — he’s had plenty of chances to, after all, with champagne flowing after each of his three NBA championships in Golden State.

Green’s enjoyment of alcohol has never seemed to impact his play in any way, however. But what if he cut back on the empty calories? Could it help his performance on the court?

Green seems to think so. He reveled as much when talking to reporters recently, per a report from the San Francisco Chronicle.

… when asked Sunday night whether he can maintain his high-energy play the rest of the season, Green felt compelled to make a public admission: “I don’t drink really anymore like I used to. I used to go after it a little bit.”

This was part of a lengthy explanation detailing why he feels as good as he has ever felt. Alcohol is known to sap athleticism. At age 31, Green is intent on doing all he can to stay in peak shape.

Connor Letourneau/San Francisco Chronicle

Per the Chronicle, Green has also lifted weights more often, consulted a nutritionist, has avoided fatty foods, and has spent less time on social media.

That’s all great news for the Warriors, and for Green as well. He can still enjoy his drinks, no problem. But excess alcohol can be a detriment to anybody’s health.

And in Green’s words, he used to “go after it a little bit” when it came to his adult beverages.

Case in point, Green got caught up in an alleged incident in 2016 at a bar/restaurant in East Lansing, Michigan. His blood-alcohol level was reportedly at .10, just above the legal limit. Green was alleged to have slapped a fellow diner who was talking trash.

After the Warriors won the first of their three lastest NBA titles, Green famously taunted the Cavaliers with his own, apparently drunken version of E-40’s hip-hop hit, “Choices.”

You can see Green’s rendition of the Bay Area classic below from the final stop at the 2015 NBA championship parade. (Klay Thompson was apparently buzzed, too, and Green’s viral moment is about one minute into the video below).

With due respect to E-40, Green’s version is probably the real classic. This raw, emotional moment will definitely live on in NBA history as one of the all-time great celebratory moments after a championship.

Fast forward to today, however, and Green is 31 years of age and trying to reignite the Warriors dynasty, with help from superstar Stephen Curry and Thompson.

And perhaps nothing says how focused the Warriors’ big three is than Green’s openness about how he’s changed his habits. Plus, Green has an ace up his sleeve. If the Warriors win it all, he knows he can enjoy his beverage of choice with near-reckless abandon — all in celebration of what would be another hard-earned Larry O’Brien Trophy.

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