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Is Stephen Curry the most entertaining player in NBA history?

The debate over which NBA player is the greatest in league history is constantly simmering, ready to boil over with the slightest increase in temperature. But what about similar but more qualified debates, such as the best shooter ever? How about the best defender? These arguments are easier to have without fireworks.

Still, these declarations can cause a stir in their own right.

How about the most entertaining player in NBA history? You may have thought about Warriors superstar guard Stephen Curry when I mentioned the best shooter debate, but according to Bruce Jenkins, longtime columnist at the San Francisco Chronicle, Curry is the best entertainer the NBA has ever known.

Here’s a portion of his expansive, informative opinion piece that takes many factors regarding NBA entertainment into account. He began his piece by talking about the crazy amount of love that Curry receives from other teams’ fans:

Such is the state of affairs for the most entertaining player the game has ever seen.

That’s a weighty statement, to be sure, but it’s set aside from talent, statistics, championships or awards — although Curry qualifies mightily on all counts. “Best ever” is an entirely different discussion. It’s more about the experience of watching Curry and the thoughts lingering in the observer’s memory. There simply isn’t anyone like Curry on today’s landscape, nor has there ever been in the NBA’s long history.

Bruce Jenkins/San Francisco Chronicle

Jenkins has seen a lot of basketball, so his statement carries a lot of weight in my world. But what do you think? Is Curry the most entertaining basketball player that you’ve seen?

I’ve been watching the NBA intently since Chris Webber’s rookie year, and Curry is certainly my choice for most entertaining during that span. Current Lakers forward LeBron James is universally considered one of the best ever, period, but his brand of greatness — almost purely based on his immense physical power — is not nearly as appealing as Curry’s ability to shoot and make a massive amount 3-pointers from anywhere, at any time, off the ball or off the dribble.

Here’s one more snippet from Jenkins, because I could not agree more with it.

LeBron is a physical force of nature, a freight train of a human being and revered for his influence. Not sure about you, but I could miss a dozen consecutive LeBron games without regret. I’d only miss Curry if my car wouldn’t start, or the power went out.

Bruce Jenkins/San Francisco Chronicle

Tell us how you really feel, Bruce.

But what do you think? Is this senseless James slander? A massive disrespect to Bulls great Michael Jordan, perhaps? Or is Jenkins on the mark with his declaration? Hit up the comments section below and let the BASH hear about it.

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