Golden State Warriors

Watch: Jonathan Kuminga throws down huge dunk, hits lots of shots for Santa Cruz Warriors

Friday was a big day for the Golden State Warriors. They broke the Suns’ 18-game winning streak at Chase Center, setting up a monumental game with Phoenix on Christmas Day. And while the big club took care of business, rookie forward Jonathan Kuminga showed off his skills in the G-League with the Santa Cruz Warriors.

Kuminga had multiple dunks, actually, and did exactly what he was in Santa Cruz to do. He took advantage of being a focal point of the team — as opposed to his reality with the big club — and took lots of shots.

First, here’s his dunk that has the streets talking:

What a slam. And at this point, it was very Kuminga-esque. He almost fumbled the bag but recovered and displayed incredible athleticism.

Here’s his line on the day, courtesy of Warriors Reddit. Note all the shots he took and the high percentage of makes.

Now that’s a state line to be proud of for the young Kuminga. An even 50 percent shooting percentage is most impressive. If he can hit more than 43 or 44 percent with the big club, it would be a huge leap for his career. Kuminga has already shown he can play defense at a high level and if he puts it all together, he could be an elite asset in the NBA playoffs.

And finally, here’s Kuminga’s highlight reel from Friday night, courtesy of the NBA G-League. I loved this draft pick when general manager Bob Myers pulled the trigger, and I’m still very bullish on this young man.

That’s great to see. Ideally for Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and the rest of the team, the Warriors see some of this in time for the NBA playoffs. With performances such as this one, his confidence will only grow and make that dream scenario a more likely possibility.

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