Golden State Warriors

Ray Allen: Steph Curry is ‘in a lane of his own’

As Golden State Warriors superstar guard Stephen Curry has shot his way past the greatest 3-point shooters in NBA history, it’s been clear: he’s built differently than the all-time greats he’s left in his wake.

Ex-Pacers guard Reggie Miller, for example, could drive to the hoop and mix it up a bit, but he thrived as a catch and shoot player beyond the arch, though he had to run around and through the defense, using screens expertly to get his elite (but weird looking) 3-point shot off.

And now that Curry is prepared to pass ex-NBA guard Ray Allen on the list of most-ever 3-point shots made in NBA history, Allen has acknowledged Curry’s uniqueness. No player in league history has created an abundance of good looks from distance like Curry can, off the dribble or moving off the ball or anything in between.

That’s high praise from Allen, who could also rattle the rim with dunks when he was a young player. Allen evolved into an elite catch-and-shoot 3-point threat at a time when the NBA was becoming a 3-point focused league.

Curry, of course, hammered that focus home with his deep 3-point shots that forced defenses to guard him as soon as he touched the basketball, regardless of his position on the court. After the Warriors’ win over the Suns on Friday, Curry is now 28 made 3-pointers away from surpassing Allen’s all-time mark. He’s gotten there on a path all his own, and an entertaining one at that.

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