Golden State Warriors

Steve Kerr says Steph Curry is ‘in a lot of ways, like Michael Jordan’

Warriors coach Steve Kerr has had one heck of an NBA career, both as a player and coach. And to be sure, he’s (obviously) had a lot to do with that.

But he’d be the first to tell you: he played alongside perhaps the best basketball player to ever live in former Bulls superstar Michael Jordan, and he’s coached the best shooter of all time in Warriors star guard Stephen Curry.

So if there’s any comparison between the two transcendent NBA guards at all, Kerr would know. As Curry approaches the all-time NBA record for 3-pointers made, Kerr did indeed compare the two, saying that Jordan and Curry have at least one important thing in common.

Don’t believe me? (And I can understand how you might not.) Here’s part of what Kerr said on the subject.

“I think Steph, in a lot of ways, is like Michael Jordan,” Kerr said. “There are so many moments that they just all blend together. They don’t even stand out because that’s just what you expect. And maybe that’s the true sign of greatness.

“Every single night, (fans) are going to see something special. And when you do something over and over and over again, it’s harder for one particular night to stand out. It’s become routine for him.”

San Francisco Chronicle

Both Curry and Jordan have made greatness routine, according to Kerr. And who would argue with that? I mentioned that some might not believe that Curry and Jordan have anything in common because hardly any players get compared to “Air Jordan.”

Only the late, great Kobe Bryant and the great (but in my opinion, dull) LeBron James usually get that honor. But Curry — as he captivates the NBA with his shooting en route to the all-time 3-point record — has thrust his name into the conversation.

Plus, there’s more: Curry, unlike James, appears to have a lot left in the tank. Curry is younger, his team is better, and the Warriors appear to be well set up for the future, more than almost any team in the NBA, including James’ Lakers.

But hey, this is about Curry and Jordan, not James. It’s about Kerr’s perspective, which is unique and valuable. The NBA is lucky to watch Curry and his magnificent, marvelous, highly-entertaining, shoot-from-anywhere-at-anytime style of play. Much like Jordan, Curry is can’t miss TV.

Still, I’ll leave you with this commentary from ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith. The streets are talking. And Curry’s legend is only growing larger.

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