Golden State Warriors

Steph Curry sets record, gives watches to teammates; Kevin Durant says he wants one, too

After Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry set the all-time NBA mark for most career 3-pointers made, he was sure to thank all of his teammates in the locker room. He even gave forward Andre Iguodala and F Draymond Green engraved Rolex watches, with one reportedly on the way to G Klay Thompson.

Curry seemed to think of everyone. Well, almost everyone. He may have forgotten about ex-Warriors F Kevin Durant. At least when it comes to Rolexes.

Durant, via his Twitter account, seized on an intriguing graphic that TNT presented during Curry’s record-breaking night on Tuesday. It shows that Durant has the third-most assists on Curry’s long list of career 3-pointers.

So where’s Durant’s “Rollie?”

That’s hilarious. Priceless, really. And Durant has a point — that’s a lot of assists to Curry in just three seasons in Golden State.

But to spell out the obvious: it’s simply incredible that Curry and Durant were on the same team in the middle of their primes. They’re arguably the two best players in the NBA right now. They’re not teammates anymore, but their time was special and should be celebrated.

Instead, many basketball fans argue about which player needed the other one more. Neither needed the other. But together, they made magic. Isn’t that all NBA fans can ask for?

And I certainly can’t blame Durant for asking for his Rollie.

Also, here’s the video of Curry presenting Green and Iguodala with their watches. Maybe we’ll get footage of Curry gifting one to Durant in the near future.

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