Golden State Warriors

Jonathan Kuminga’s performance vs. Raptors reminiscent of a young LeBron James

First of all, let’s not get ahead of ourselves after a scintillating performance from Warriors forward Jonathan Kuminga against the Raptors on Saturday and say something crazy, like he’s the next Lebron James.

But Kuminga is doing LeBron James-type things.

According to ESPN’s Matt Williams (no, not that Matt Williams, Giants fans), Kuminga was the youngest player since James to notch more than 25 points and four made 3-pointers in a single game.

As I said, this insightful postgame note doesn’t tell Kuminga’s future, but it is pretty cool. The key is the four made 3-pointers. That’s a lot for such a young player. In Kuminga’s start in Toronto, his 4-for-6 shooting from beyond the arch was a complete surprise. He had hit just two 3s in 17 tries before Saturday.

Stats aside, however, Kuminga’s game is indeed similar to James’. They both possess elite power and athleticism, not to mention large frames. James is taller and heavier, but Kuminga has already shown he can use his physicality to his advantage against seasoned NBA vets; he’s 6-foot-7 and owns a 6-foot-11 wingspan at a solid 210 pounds.

On a Warriors team built largely on finesse, Kuminga’s power will be very valuable come playoff time, regardless of his young age. That’s fun to think about.

And he figures to grow heavier, stronger, and more skilled as he matures as a player and person. His career path will be all his own, but for Kuminga, doing James-type stuff is a positive indicator for what’s to come in the years ahead in Golden State.

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